HUD7 Beta.9 Refresh: Cuffs, Gags are Ready

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

Beta.9 took a bit longer as it was more complicated than I expected. But it’s finally out, and with that, both Cuffs and Gag features are all working now.

So, if you have only both Cuffs and Gags, you can already switch over to HUD7 Beta.9 from the older HUD6 for a better experience.

After this I will be working on the beta  Collar. For now, you can wear your Collar, but no Collar features are working yet.

Meanwhile, these are the biggest shiny new things in beta.9:

Delayed Re-rez

You already know that when the sub’s  locked Collar or Cuffs or Gag gets detached for whatever reason (yes, even with RLV on!), LULU Gear will re-rez automatically.

Now, if the sub is on no-rez land, and if there’s no RLV on (so no RLV-rez), this re-rez will still happen – only later – when the sub steps onto land with rez-rights.

As usual, the sub’s Owner is notified when the detached item is successfully re-rezzed.

Re-starting the HUD will not prevent the delayed re-rez either.

SL bug triggering Alarm after TP

This SL bug has been around for ages, but seems to happen more lately. Basically your attachments randomly detach upon TP, and SL/your viewer quickly re-attaches it back for you without your noticing – irrespective of whether you have RLV on or not.

Unfortunately, the act of detaching would have triggered our Alarm if it was locked, causing untold grief to many a sub having to explain things to her Owner who was, of course, notified.

I’ve finally been able to address this in beta.9. Now, the SL detach bug will no longer trigger your Alarms.

But – in some rare cases, SL’s auto-reattachment would fail. In which case, our re-rez should kick in. But if re-rez doesn’t happen immediately (see above) – you need to re-wear your gear from inventory within about 30 secs. Otherwise the Alarm will be triggered.

 Gag Training in HUD7 Beta.9

Beta.9 brings on Gag Training,  (formerly Trials), with quite a few new improvements.

In addition, now the SL-detach-on-TP bug will no longer stop your Training as it won’t trigger your Alarm (see above).

But you still need to be vigilant to make sure that they are automatically re-attached, otherwise you have to re-wear your Gag from inventory within about 30 secs.

For a recap on what Training is all about, see here.

If you haven’t comleted your Trials yet, this is a good time to start 🙂

  • Getting your HUD7 Beta.9

If you have an earlier HUD7 just wear it and you will get the option to update.

If you have HUD 6, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and click the blue HUD7 Beta Board right above the Update Switch.

Do not wear your old (i.e. current, existing) HUD, uHUD or Collar  together with HUD7. Bad things will happen if you do!

Report any bugs!

With each release, a chance to find new bugs!

And get listed on the Bug Catcher Leaderboard

Plus the fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve made your LULU a little better!

♥ Lulu


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