HUD7 out in time for Christmas!

Hi everyone,

HUD7 is out now! It’s a massive rewrite with over a hundred individual feature improvements. And it’s a free upgrade for everyone.

What’s new with HUD7

Your LULU Collar, Cuffs and Gag just got better:

Quantum Engine

Couldn’t wear your LULU Gear on some sims? Now you can, with the new Quantum Engine that squeezed everything into a much smaller script footprint.


Couldn’t rez on no-rez sims? Now rlv-rez automatically takes over so you don’t miss a bit. Just rez normally and the HUD will decide which rez to use.

Used cuffs?

Don’t care for the “used” Cuffs in inventory? Now, you can say “/1c rlv” to always rez the same Cuffs from your rlv-folder. And yes, “/1c1 rlv”, “/1c2r rlv”, “/1g rlv” etc. work too. The trade-off? No air-rez. Sorry.

Utility HUD

Now the Utility HUD is available to everyone, not just to those who have the Collar. Enjoy extended RLV commands like wearing / stripping, rezzing your own toys, playing your own animations, and a built-in AO that plays nice with your LULU anims.

Streamlined navigation

Now the menu system is integrated across Collar, Cuffs and Gag. They look great, and make working with the most sophisticated gear simple. With friendly context-sensitive help, anyone can start playing sooner.


Getting started now takes less than a minute (20 seconds if you’re really fast!). No more setting up each individual Cuff, Collar or Gag. No more transferring between HUDs. Just activate the one HUD and all your gear are in there, ready to go.

Plus over a hundred other features like improved anti-borks, super-charged rezzing, smoother anims, and plenty more.

 How to get your HUD7 and uHUD

If you already have your HUD7 Beta rc.2, just wear it and it will offer you the new HUDs (both the HUD and uHUD). Earlier betas will only offer the HUD (go the Warehouse and click the Update Switch to get both HUDs).

If you’re still on HUD 6.3.22, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and click the Update Switch.


Merry Christmas!
♥ Lulu

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