Unowned? You can still do a Gag Trial!

Are you unowned (poor thing!) but wish to start a Gag Trial?

You can!

First way: Long-time Fashionista (i.e. voluntary LULU helper) and Dom, Idris Georgia has kindly offered to hold the keys of any sub wishing to embark on this long and arduous journey. He’s currently watching over a couple of subbies going through the Trials now. Just IM him and be nice. Oh, and he’ll be happy to hold your keys even if you’re just want to be locked in your cuffs with promiscuous mode turned on.

Second way: Set yourself as owner, and put yourself on a self-timer. If you’re self-owned and on self-timer, your gag will not release for you till the timer runs out. Hint: ALWAYS add a few hours over and above what you think is required for reaching the Circle. Why? Because (a) time required might be added if there is an infringement, and your self-timer will run out before the required time is reached; (b) you can’t add time to the self-timer if you’re self-owned/locked.



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