HUD v.6 now live

HUD v.6 is now on General Release. First released with Gag v4.2.2, it’s now released with the SigCuffs as well.

New with v6.0.23: you can now change self-timer settings after locking, so long as you are not self-owned/self-locked.

If you are updating from an older cuff or gag, you can access this new feature immediately after setting up the new versions.

If you already have the latest cuffs (v2.4.6) then you will need to re-setup the key alone (HUD menu > re-setup > the cuffs > key). Then give keys to owners again.


Thanks to everyone who has given the Release Candidates a test-run.



How to get yours »
If your cuffs are not v2.4.6 or gags are not v.2.4.2, then simply go the Update Switch, click it, and get the latest set. Remember to rez your plugin activators to get your arms and thighs.

If you already have the latest cuffs and gags, click the LULU logo on your HUD, hit “H.E.L.P.” and “new HUD…”.
  • and transfer all your gear over.
  • Re-setup the key to the cuffs, and give a set to your owners.

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