Congrats jacqeline Bentham, First Slave x6!


A month has passed, and we’ve got a new
First Slave x 6jacqeline Bentham.

It seems so long since I first started my trials but with determination and willpower, I persevered through some ups and downs and made it! I was determined to keep going, no matter what, and finish what I started out to do. At the end of it all I finally finished the six gag trials. It’s an achievement for me!”

And so it is :).

Applause for jacqeline!

jacqeline Bentham is part of a small select group who have passed through the fireFeliciana ZabaletaAlisa MennaLori ClaremontArcsylver Ember, Katt Darkstone, Kristen Jurado and Omi Navarita.



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