Free “AO Bridge” script fixes any AO conflict with LULU Cuffs (and Collar)

Your LULU Cuffs (and upcoming Collar) are designed to overwrite your AO anims (that’s the point of being tied up!).

However, sometimes you might still see your AO trying to fight for control.

The usual solution has been to use the LULU ZHAO-II AO or “sexy walk” bundled with the Cuffs.

Now, LULU Labs has come up with another solution:

Just drop the  LULU AO Bridge script (‘LULU.aoBridge.lsl’) into your favorite AO HUD or boots.

It’s a universal script that works with just about every worn AO out there. Go on, give it a go 🙂 and see if it doesn’t work with yours!

Now you can use your favorite AO or boots with LULU Cuffs (& Collar)!

Where to get it?

  • from today it will be in the Cuffs boxed sets.
  • you can also get it from the crate beside the Update Switch (see pic above, click to enlarge). Just right-click and buy for free. You will also get the LULU AO, and the “sexy walk” anim. So it’s up to you which solution suits you best.



Special thanks to Kali Naminosaki (Oracul) who was a real trooper who tried a zillion versions till we got it right, Stormy Dench who tried quite a few versions too (TPS),  joro Aya (Huddles), Arcsylver Ember (CI Corset), Frichte Resident (Vista AO), Frank Skosh (ANA_Mations), Molly Kanto (OC), Omni Navarita (MD), Adel Milena (ZHAO-II), Cooleyes Resident (ZHAO-II) and everyone who beta-tested!

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