Congrats to Pilsbury, our latest First Slave x 6

Pilsbury1440Join me in congratulating Pilsbury, our latest First Slave x6!

So finally I did it, after nearly two years start to finish. Loom started me on it and got me hooked, addicted even. Then I wandered elsewhere and people really didn’t understand my addiction. Last October I came back to Loom and I’ve been basically gagged ever since until I completed all the gags. Its her fault, and also as much her achievement as mine for helping me through it.. was it by carrot or by stick?

Thanks to all those who’ve encouraged me (anyone?) and all those who’ve teased and tormented me on the way (you know who you are).

So where next – well I’m still gagged – can’t let mistress keep the top spot on the leaderboard.

Oh and the photo – why a pony? Well apparently ponies wear bit harnesses so i should be dressed appropriately in this gag. Apparently dogs carry bones in their jaws…. Bunnies like carrots, which is convenient when wearing a ring gag… you get the picture….

For her gargantuan effort, Pillsbury earned her place on the First Slave x 6 Gallery. Pillsbury’s Mistress is none other than Loom Kish, who is the Top Gagette (All Gags)

♥ Lulu

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